Provides universities, colleges and other educational venues with productions that utilize the unique environment of the planetarium to convey information to students with an engaging approach.  Our programs are designed to augment laboratories and lecture courses with full dome creations that address a variety of topics.  The visualization capabilities of the modern planetarium have eclipsed astronomy and allows diverse disciplines to be immersed in a distinctive experience. 


In recent years, many institutions of higher learning have had to struggle with funding issues.  In recognition of these challenges our products are produced to enhance survey courses that are part of numerous core curricula.  This provides an advantageous use of limited resources to benefit the most number of students.  To heighten the goal of reaching as many students as possible, our presentations emphasize a descriptive approach that is most conducive to the planetarium setting.  



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Portable Domes $350
Less than 125 seats $450
More than 125 seats $550







More to come

Currently under production



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