Design your own Music show

Please select the content that you prefer from below. You must use your own music to match with the visual file.
Press play on the YouTube file you select and start your own music of the same choice at the the same time and see how the sequence works for you.
Once you have selected the list of your choice, send an e-mail to us with your order.
If you are a Digistar facility, send along your .INI file and we will encode it for you.
If you are a location that we can prepare a play file for, send along your specifications.
If you need master frames, there will be an additional charge and addendum to our agreement. We will send frames too.

The Dark Side of the Moon (43m29s)


On The Run 3:37


The Great Gig in the Sky 4:47
Money 6:23
Us and Them 7:51
Any Colour You Like 3:26
Brain Damage 3:55
Eclipse 1:56


The Wall (1h7m)

In The Flesh?

Another Brick in The Wall Part 1 3:10
Happiest Days Of Our Lives


Another Brick in The Wall Part 2 4:07
Mother 5:37
Goodbye Blue Sky 2:49
Empty Spaces 2:09
Young Lust 3:31
Another Brick in The Wall Part 3 1:20
Goodbye Cruel World 1:18
Hey You 4:43
Is There Anybody Out There 2:41
Nobody Home 3:25
Comfortably Numb 6:25
In the Flesh


Run Like Hell 4:25
Waiting For The Worms 0:54
The Trial 5:21


Wish You Were Here (43:54)

Shine One You Crazy Diamond (Part 1-5)

Welcome to the Machine 7:24
Have a Cigar 5:08
Wish You Were Here 5:41
Shine One You Crazy Diamond (Part 6-9) 12:23


Division Bell
High Hopes 8:31

Coming real soon

Starlight Presentation
Starlight Presentation 4:58



Momentary Lapse of Reason
Signs of Life  4:22

Coming real soon


Black Holes and Revelations

Supermassive Black Hole



Mason Williams
Classical Gas 3:05

Coming real soon


Johnny Cash
I've Been Everywhere 3:17

Coming real soon


John McEuen
Return to Dismal Swamp 3:23

Coming real soon