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Starlight Academic Solutions

Portable Domes: $450ea.

Theatres Less than 125 Seats: $600ea.

Theatres Greater than 125 Seats: $750ea.

A Night at the Star Hop -> 19:00

A Night at the Star Hop explores the technique of using the bright stars of certain constellations to assist in finding other star patterns in the night sky. Seasonal changes are discussed and some the more prominent constellations of each season are identified. Along the way cardinal points, circumpolar constellations and identification of the Milky Way are considered.

The Celestial Sphere -> 17:00

Celestial Sphere utilizes the earthly coordinate system of longitude and latitude to introduce key concepts of stellar navigation.  Observer based points of reference, such as the zenith, meridian and cardinal points, are contrasted with right ascension and declination. Other important concepts like the plane of the solar system, the ecliptic and the equinoxes are discussed. 

Planets and the Zodiac -> 11:00

The Planets and the Zodiac identifies the paths of the planets along the ecliptic through the zodiacal constellations. The concept of precession is introduced as a challenge to astrology.  Important topics such as geocentric verses heliocentric motion, the plane of the solar system and cardinal points are discussed.

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